Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tracing the Journey Of Chinese Muslim Cheng Ho in Semarang

Not complete when visiting Semarang, but not taking the time to visit the Sam Poo Kong temple. The temple located in Southwestern Semarang city is a place of ruins of a Muslim Chinese admiral Cheng Ho. A sign indicating as a relic which has characteristics with the discovery Islam as "let a moment of silence to listen recitation of the Qur'an".

Cheng Ho known as Muslims. Many experts have different opinions saying that Cheng Ho was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. But it is could not be verified. But is certain that Cheng Ho is the son of Ma Haji and his mother surname Wen. Cheng Ho grew up in a Muslim family.

Cheng Ho Temple in Semarang

There are many opinions about the arrival Cheng Ho in Semarang so can not be confirmed when exactly he comes. In the mid 15th century when the fleet Cheng Ho sailed past the north coast island Java, one of the crew named Wang Jing Hong gravely ill so Cheng Ho decided in ports Simongan, Semarang. After landing, they found the cave, which they use as a temporary resting place. Ten days later Chen Ho voyage westward. Wang and 10 his followers settled in Semarang. Wang Cheng Ho make a statue in front of the cave as a form of respect. Wang is an adherent of Islam. In Semarang he preached Islam in the neighborhood. Then in 1742 the area around cave refurbished into a temple by the local Chinese community.

Currently, in addition to being place of worship people tionghoa Sam Poo Kong temple also frequently visited by tourists. Growth is normally recorded tourists come to see the beauty of the building temple with a strong element "Chinese" or simply take pictures with typical clothes tionghoa leased by manager. But there was no harm in addition to recreation you also see track record history Cheng Ho trip in Semarang because there also there is a relief (pictured) on the trip admiral.

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