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Beautiful Coro Beach in Tulungagung

You might have been wondering what that "Coro", in Indonesian Coro means cockroaches. :) that does not mean beach of Coro as a nest of roaches that only in name. When interviews with local people around the beach of Coro there has been no definite explanation the origin of naming "Coro", they said just liked calling it Coro.

The Coro Beach Tulungagung

Coro beach located in the south of East Java, precisely in Tulungagung. Coro beach located on the eastern tourist attractions Popoh Reco Sewu. Access to the beach location Coro beach same as the way to the Popoh. Coro beach have natural tourist untapped with department tourism in Tulungagung. The facilities in the Coro beach was still no have, a bathroom (Toilet) only made of tarpaulins and charged Rp. 2,000.

If you want going in the Coro beach, you can't reached by vehicle, but must walking around 30/40 minutes with a distance 3km. Which makes longer seem to the location because the road tortuous, and also during the rainy season road to be traversed often are flooded and a lot of mud. The journey to Coro beach having special feel because you're forced to sport climbing, but when you got the location tiredness during the trip will be lost as you can see beauty of the Coro beach. 

Road Way Coro Beach

Along the way to the Coro beach many merchants food and beverage with a small tent, so do not worry if thirsty, you can buy a drink. For those who like Croser can use this road to get to the Coro beach. Every holiday and weekend Coro beach visited by many local tourists. Coro beach tents often used as an arena for those who love nature lovers. 

Trips to the Coro beach, you can enjoy the white sand with fairly large waves. But if you want to swim at the beach is rather difficult because under contains a lot of rocks. If you want to tour the beautiful natural , Coro beach is the answer.

Beauty Of Coro Beach

Towards access Coro beach in Tulungagung
From any direction should you use a private vehicle motorbike / car because no public transportation to Coro beach.

Admission prices Coro beach , in Tulungagung
Actually there is no admission to the Coro beach, but since it is located on the east Popoh and Reco Sewu then charged Rp. 5000

Parking rates Motorcycle / Car Coro beach , in Tulungagung
This distinguishes the tourist attractions in Tulungagung in East Java with others. Usually, admission is included parking, but on the coast and Popoh Coro beach charged Rp. 5,000 for motorcycles and Rp. 10,000 for the car.

Beautiful Coro Beach in Tulungagung Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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