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Best 4 Food Culinary You Must Taste When Traveling in Solo

Traveled not had going into recreation area or the amusement rides because there is now a tourist named "culinary tourism". Yes, culinary currently used as an alternative to fill holiday activity. As an example You could culinary tour to Solo, Central Java. Much a variety food in Solo extraordinary and famous with a delicious flavor. So don't be doubtful to going in Solo.

The following 4 Special Menu Culinary You must Taste When Visiting in Solo:
1. Timlo
Solo unique culinary is might reminiscent of the comedy band "Timlo" (Indonesian Musician), but not the band that will be discussed. Solo Timlo is typical food, in which there pieces of chicken meat, chicken bowel such as heart, pieces of sausage, boiled chicken eggs, with a sauce like soup and fried onions sprinkled on top. Timlo usually served along with a portion of rice warm. You can get Timlo behind the Market Gedhe Solo

Timlo Culinary Food Solo

2. Tengkleng
If you like the dish from goat, you will like this food, Tengkleng, especially the typical Solo culinary. Tengkleng is a processed goat meat resembles curry goat but does not use coconut milk sauce. Previously, known as food Tengkleng rabble, because it is precisely in this cuisine does not use goat meat, but using a goat part from the bones, head, intestines, the inside of goat leg etc. But at this time Tengkleng also remains a fancy meal, because in fact the price still relatively expensive.

The pleasure of eating Tengkleng food, is by eating away meat attached in bone, though remaining slightly. Solo tengkleng cuisine most famous is tengkleng in Klewer market is Tengkleng Mrs. Edi. This stall precisely located beside the gate close to Klewer Market Square north Kraton Surakarta.

Tengleng Best Solo Culinary

3. Sego Liwet
Sego (rice) liwet is typical food which consists of savory rice with vegetables squash, chicken, eggs, coconut milk, curry, and a variety of other ingredients that are served by banana leaves with slightly bent and fixed to sticks so that conical (the term referred pincukan).
Place: nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu location in Keprabon, Jalan Teuku Umar, (around Mangkunegaran Palace). You can buy nasi liwet Wongso Lemu open at 4pm to 2am.

The Legend Of Sego Liwet solo

4 Meatball and Chicken Noodle Solo
Meatballs and chicken noodles from Solo is famous everywhere. It was a tasty and savory broth into a flagship. The seller is a resident originally meatballs Solo Wonogiri. The Wonogiri is one of districts around Solo and was formerly included in the residency of Surakarta / Solo.

Meatball and Chicken Noodle Solo

Best 4 Food Culinary You Must Taste When Traveling in Solo Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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