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Tourism History Brawijaya Museum Malang

Besides agro-tourism destinations and waterfalls, Malang still has historical attractions the Museum of Brawijaya. The museum is located at Jl. Ijen, Malang, East Java. It is located in the city center Malang, so it is easy accessible of the tourists

On school days Brawijaya museum crowded with students to does observation or reports observation from teachers. Usually they come Smaller or group that accompanied by teacher. So encourage your children to visit here is the best way to introduce history of Malang City.

Hopper History Malang Museum

When entering museum, you will presented with several historical relics such as car Colonel Sungkono, a collection of relics such weapon firing and cannon. In addition for those who love history of computers, in this museum have computer IBM 50s. The most horrible longer exists the carriage amid Brawijaya museum. According story by museum guard, the hopper to haul native people from Probolinggo - Malang. Arriving in Malang, in leave on in the carriage and locked one month. Many people were killed in the hopper.

The Classic Car in Malang Museum

Brawijaya museum founded on by idea and initiative from Brigadier (TNI) Soerachman, which served as Regional Commander VIII / Brawijaya in 1959-1962. Efforts to establish museum actually has been conducted by Brigjend (TNI) Soerachman since 1962. However, initiative realized in 1967, after receiving support from the City Government of Malang and financial aid from Mrs. Martha, businessman and hotel owner Tretes Pandan. 

IBM 50 in Musem Brawijaya

Toward Transportation Museum Brawijaya
From any direction, you can use a car / motorcycle then go Jl. Ljen (Ljen Boulevard Malang) located west MOG and stadiums Gajayana, or east, State University of Malang

With public transport could rise by LG and GL code, then down in front of the Museum Brawijaya

Ticket Price Museum Brawijaya

Admission: IDR 2,000

Tourism History Brawijaya Museum Malang Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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