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Beautifull Waterfall Tretes Jombang East Java

Tretes Waterfall tourism in Jombang has been famous among tourists, because in addition have natural panorama, Tretes waterfall is highest in East Java. Height 158 meters and located at an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level. This tourist spot included in territory Tahura (Forest Park) Raden Soeryo Mount Jurug Guah, located within area of Mount Anjasmoro. Water flowing to the tourist attractions comes from Source river Watu Bonakah. Element cool air, will provide comfort to visitors.

The Beauty of Waterfall Tretes, Fantastic Panorama

If tourists want to visit Tretes Waterfall, spot are located in the village of Galengdowo, district. Wonosalam, Regency of Jombang, which is approximately 40 km from Jombang center of
There are two paths to going into location the waterfall of The first path through district Jombang. After parking car in residential area, You must walking as far as approximately 5 km, tracing paths, across hills and rivers.

Tretes Waterfall Jombang

While the second path is through district Kediri into . Arriving at the fork in market , turn to the left towards Galengdowo. However, You will found rocky road conditions less comfortable, so my advise use a type SUV or Jeep car. From the parking area just walking approximately 1 km to location. 

Path Aadventure in Tretes Waterfall

These attractions can be accessed using public transport. Departing from terminal Kepuhsari, choose transport with code B2 or F leading to Gudo. You can down in the market. Public facilities are available in tourist areas are still getting hard. Just a few diner place and car parking area in residential. 

Besides Waterfall Tretes, tourist areas Tahura R. Soerjo also has 3 other waterfall Puthuk Kursi in Coban Cangar, Twin Falls Watu Ondo located in the district Mojokerto, and Waterfall Gumandar located in Pasuruan. 

Beautifull Waterfall Tretes Jombang East Java Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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