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Best 4 Travel Destinations The Dieng Plateau Central Java

Dieng is a popular mountain tourism in Central Java, many people will feel amazed when saw the beauty of dieng. Dieng is a paradise for mountains lovers. Besides the cool air able to provide peace and comfort for travelers.

Before visiting Dieng you will certainly knew the tourist spots which must be visited. Dieng is famous for the diversity of natural attractions such as mountains in Dieng and mostly as a place to see sunrise, lakes, volcanic craters and historical relics such as ancient temples.

Dieng is a plateau region in Central Java, district of Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. Location west of Sindoro and Sumbing area. Dieng is an active volcanic region and can be a giant volcano crater with some craters. Average altitude is about 2,000 m above sea level. Temperatures range from 12-20 ° C in daytime and 6-10 ° C at night. In dry season (July and August), temperatures can be reach 0 ° C in the morning and bring frost by the locals people called bun upas ("dew poison") because it causes damage to agricultural crops.

Administratively, the region of Dieng village is Dieng Kulon, District Batur, Banjarnegara and Dieng ("Dieng Wetan"), District Kejajar, Wonosobo. This region one of the most remote regions in Central Java.  

Here are 4 Travel Destinations The Dieng Plateau in Central Java:

1. Mount Sikunir Dieng
The main purpose are many people looking for is a sensation catch the sunrise at peak Mount Sikunir known as Golden sunrise. This is where people will feel flocked climb hills with a height of 500 meters approximately a 40 minute drive up. Many [fig tourists do not want to miss this moment because it is beautiful and scarce to be seen. In addition to Golden Sunrise charming, you can see surrounding hills Sikunir that very beautiful. If lucky you can watch sea of clouds, therefore Dieng referred to as the land above the clouds.    

The Hill Sikunir Dieng

2. lake Dieng
Besides a golden sunrise, a gift which God has gived passed through , Dieng able to to hypnotize anyone who comes. Lake water as colorful reflecting colors green, blue, yellow and silver in the daytime. Colorful water caused by reflection sunlight from the sulfur water because water contains sulfur lake and was once a crater. There are some beautiful places are discussed many poeple to can witness the beauty this lake, ie from Bukit Batu Pandang and Sidengkeng. From both places you can selfie with background lake and mountains that surround it.

Telaga Warna in Dieng

3. Kawah Sikidang Dieng
Dieng is an active mountain at Central Java so many craters formed at this area. When visiting Dieng do not forget to visit one of popular attractions, namely crater Sikidang. Here you can watch closely the enormity of blast crater Dieng.

The Crater Sikidang Dieng

4. Arjuna Temple
The fourth popular tourist destination is Arjuna temple area. Here you can see scars of civilization in the 7th century ago. Dieng Temple is the oldest temple island of Java. This is where you can take pictures with the family. During dry season arrives, you can watch rare phenomenon that snow or often called embun upas and you feel will extreme dieng temperature reach minus 3 degrees Celsius.

Arjuna Temple in Dieng

Best 4 Travel Destinations The Dieng Plateau Central Java Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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