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The Reservoir Of Wonorejo Tulungagung

Tulungagung have many attractions like dams / reservoirs is quite well known-named reservoir Wonorejo and also there are several beaches like Kedung Tumpang in previous post. This reservoir located in Wonorejo village, sub Pagerwojo, Tulungagung district, East Java province. Location of city center is expected as far as 12 kilometers. Wonorejo claimed to be the largest dam in Southeast Asia because it has a capacity of about 122 million cubic meters. Wonorejo dam was inaugurated in 2001 by the Vice President of Indonesia for the year, Megawati Sukarnoputri, having been built for nearly 9 years since 1992.

The Reservoir Of Wonorejo Tulungagung

In construction process many workers died while digging the tunnel so that the monument was built to commemorate Wonorejo dam builders. In the vicinity dam area there are also several lodging, fishing, and the helicopter landing area. Advised went to dam Wonorejo in the morning before 8 or in afternoon around 3 pm to avoid the heat. Because trees around the dam area very sparse.

commemorate Wonorejo dam builders

Wonorejo dam has an important function as a center of power and sources of drinking water in the province East Java. The dam also serves as a means for the prevention flooding in Tulungagung which was often hit the city, along the dam Niyama in District Besuki. Now, Dam Wonorejo also serves as one of the tourist mainstay besides the beach Popoh Tulungagung, Sine, Sidem, and Studio. Some accommodation facilities have been built around Wonorejo Dam, one of the big ones were Swa-Loh Resort.

Transportation to dam Wonorejo
Way to Wonorejo dam can be gone by car and motorcycle. Smooth asphalt road, not too climb, so easily bypassed any vehicle type unless Bus :).

Smooth asphalt road Wonorejo dam
Admission dam Wonorejo
Ticket price Rp. 5,000, price can vary according to the local tourism office policy.  

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