Friday, December 4, 2015

Kedung Tumpang Beach

Tulungagung city have many beautiful tourist attractions, especially for the beach. One of the tourist beaches in Tulungagung is Kedung Tumpang. Location in  Pucanglaban village Tulungagung subdistrict. The beach is still relatively new discovered and conditions are still very natural.

Kedung Tumpang not such as beaches have white sand and gentle waves of the sea, but some clusters of coral have a pool that is formed naturally.

Hiden Paradise Kedung Tumpang Beach

The natural pool formed by the waves of that make it great southern ocean, making a hole in the rock with a shape like a small swimming pool that make it very beautiful. The Kedung Tumpang Beach, there is a pond which has a state of very clear water a greenish, besides the water in the pond basin is still felt salty when tasted :). 

path to the location Kedung Tumpang

To attain the location of tourism object, you can pass the path of some city like Blitar and Kediri. However, access the easiest path to the location Kedung Tumpang Beach is through path of Tulungagung. The easiest path to be taken the direction Molang Beach by a passing school there is a checkpoint when the straight then to the attractions Molang Beach, if you want to go Kedung Tumpang Beach from the post take the right lane that make it tracks still rocks, follow the lane road after passing some housing residents take left direction and then you will arrived at the attraction Kedung Tumpang Beach.

location of the parking Kedung Tumpang Beach

Existing facilities at the location Kedung Tumpang Beach  still inadequate. On-site parking is also still does not meet safety standards, because the location of the parking lot was in plantations owned by local people. However there are some local residents who served to keep the vehicle by a parking fee Rp.5,000, - / vehicle. For visitors who want to travel to the seaside location Kedung Tumpang, it would be to be careful when choosing the appropriate footwear by uphill road conditions. In addition to the location of this attraction has not found security guard, so for the safety is still not assured. The beauty of attraction Kedung Tumpang natural beach still has the incomparable panorama of the object  else in this country. The visitors will not regret if you visit at the tourist attraction.

Kedung Tumpang Beach Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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