Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Beauty of Curug Sewu Waterfall, in Patean Kendal

Kendal is a district directly adjacent to the city of Semarang. Although not a a big city, Kendal is district with some wonderful tourism destination and a must-visit for travelers that go in Central Java especially Kendal is waterfall "Curug Sewu".

In the Java language "Curug" means the waterfall while "Sewu is" means a thousand. Although meaningful plunge airt 1000 the fact number just 1. Waterfall Curug Sewu have height 80 meters, the waterfall sewu own name in a language if Indonesian means
thousand waterfall, but not meaning the waterfall is have one thousand. Sewu Curug name itself taken from a place where object are located is in the village of Curug Sewu is.

Curug Sewu Enterance

Location Waterfall Curug Sewu and Transportation
Curug Sewu Waterfall located in the southernmost Kendal, precisely in the District Patean, 40 KM from capital city of Kendal passes Weleri and Sukorejo. From Temanggung and Wonosobo can be achieved by Parakan- Ngadirejo-Patean, while if the visitors from Semarang region can be achieved from Mijen-Boja-Singorojo and Patean. If in the travel through Boja visitors will passes before entering Patean durian plantations.

Road Acces into Curug Sewu Waterfall

Waterfall Curugsewu has a distinctive and unique than other waterfall, with a total a height 80 meters consisting from 3 waterfall, each have a height 45 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters. looks very beautiful and enchanting , especially at certain times, from the waterfall appeared a rainbow blend a variety of dazzling color. 

The Green Curug Sewu Waterfall

In this place also has been built a wide range supporting vehicle for convenience visitors such as parks, swimming pools, roller coaster and other facilities so visitors can enjoyed the holiday. 

The Beauty of Curug Sewu Waterfall, in Patean Kendal Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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