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Replica of The Indonesian Culture TMII

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a miniature replica of the cultural Indonesia. All matters relating culture of each provonsi shown here. You can find miniature Indonesian traditional house. Additionally you can see miniature lake with islands of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Hems ..

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah located in East Jakarta, Indonesia with area 150 hectares or 1.5 sq km. Idea manufacture of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is wife of the president RI-2 Siti Hartinah, better known as Mother Tien Soeharto. TMII built in 1975 and was completed in 1975. Now TMII become tourist ICON capital Jakarta.

Here's Some Miniature Culture Available in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The Pavilion Area

In the Pavilion area, you can see culture of the 34 provinces in Indonesia. Each province has a pavilion featuring a building traditional house, traditional dress, wedding dress, typical weapons to houseware that are used everyday.

Local Building Culture Taman Mini

In every pavilion there is a stage for performances traditional dances, ceremonies and musical performances also typical of each region. Cultural performances held on Sundays, when number of visitors increases over with normal days.

On some pavilion also include cafeteria serving typical food of each region. There also souvenir shop selling various souvenirs such as handicrafts of each region, traditional clothing to accessories regional.

In 1975 - 2000, the Pavilion Area contains miniature culture from 27 provinces in Indonesia. Until 2002, when East Timor separated from Indonesia, The terrain changed name to Museum of Timur Timor. Besides, with increasing number of provinces to 34 provinces in Indonesia, was also built new pavilion for Banten, Bangka Belitung, West Papua, West Sulawesi, North Maluku, Gorontalo and Riau Islands. Although the pavilion smaller than other pavilion that have been built previously.  

The Museum Of TMII
Religious Buildings

Pangeran Diponegoro Mosque in TMII
There are building houses religious every official religions in Indonesia are still actively used in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah:

Mosques Prince Diponegoro
The Catholic Church of Santa Catharina
Protestant Church Hallelujah
Pura Agung Panataran Kertabumi
Arya Vihara Arama Dwipa
Kong Miao Confucius Temple
Sasana Adirasa Prince Samber Nyawa

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