Friday, December 11, 2015

The Journey Street of Malioboro

Yogyakarta is a province that still maintain cultural that has some cultural destinations that you must visit. Experience when going to Yogyakarta that made I want to go there again is mood of the evening in Jl. Malioboro. Derived from Sanskrit which means bouquets, flower charm Malioboro Street be able to attracting tourists. Not only full of stories and memories, Malioboro Street is also a souvenir paradise.

Night View Of Yogyakarta Malioboro Street

Along street Malioboro Yogyakarta found many typical food like gudeg, traditional clothing stores, batik, and shirts of Yogyakarta. Malioboro street at night visited by local and foreign tourists. Malioboro a trading center in Yogyakarta, every day many people doing buying and selling transaction, you can buy every item with low price.

Musician Street Malioboro Jogja

Before turned into a bustling street, Malioboro only a deserted streets with tamarind tree growing on the right and left. This road just passable by people who want to Keraton or complex areas Indische first in Jogja as Loji Large (Vredeburg), Small Loji (the area next to Gedung Agung), Loji Kebon (Gedung Agung), and Loji Satan (Parliament Office). But the existence of Pasar Gede or Beringharjo on the south side and the presence settlement of ethnic Chinese in area Ketandan gradually become a bosster for economy in the region. Chinese group makes Malioboro as channel business, so trade area were originally based in Chinatown Beringharjo and it finally expands to the north up to the Tugu Station.

Item Sale on Malioboro Street


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