Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Durian Village in Jombang, East Java

If wanna holiday in slopes of Mount Anjasmoro, don't forget into Village Sumber in Jombang, East Java. At the village known as the durian village, you can enjoy tours picking fresh durian fruit straight from the tree.

Amazing Colour Of Durian Fruit
Even not only can enjoy its fruits, you also can shop durian seedlings as well as learn how to make produce durian had different flavors. Each durian season arrives, village turned into a source as the tourist village, because every day there are always tourists coming. Not only from area around, but not a few of them coming from outside the city and even to Foreign.

At the village located in district Wonosalam or approximately 40 km from Jombang center, visitors can walk to enjoy the natural atmosphere village on a mountainside Anjasmoro, and enjoy much variety durian fruits widely planted in each courtyard houses.

Culinary Tour in Jombang Village

If you interested, can simply drop in and pick them very easily. Different from other regions, in the village is unique because it has a flavors that vary with thick flesh ready to pamper your tongue. The durian variants that exist in the village, among others, bidu durian, durian sus, gravel durian, durian sticky rice, durian bawor, and much more. 

The Durian Fruit From Jombang Village

One tourist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia dr. Hilmy Bakar, acknowledge durian in the village says very special, compared with the original durian Thailand that had been enjoyed by Malaysians people. One citizen durian orchard owner, Sulami said that, in durian season as now the village is often visited by tourists. They were holiday in the homes residents who feels different. 

The Durian Village in Jombang, East Java Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Choirul Anas Hidayat


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