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5 Places of Interest in Yogyakarta That Must Visited

Yogyakarta is a common greeting among the people of Indonesia, original name area is province of Yogyakarta aka DIY (Special Region of Yogyakarta). So many objects are very harmful if missed when visited Jogja, begin to the city center into southern-end there are many places are very exciting.

Almost every tourist destination in the area of culture Yogja has assets and still awake well-maintained. This proved by still easily find the historical heritage of the past in the city center. Many people going into Yogyakarta because the beauty authenticity culture still maintained into now, remained inherited culinary properly and Beauty tourist objects.

5 Places of Interest in Yogyakarta That Must Visited:

1. Tugu Jogja
Tugu Yogyakarta is an icon of Jogja, whose existence in middle city will make easy access to this place and first thing to be visited. Actually, this place is not special, but for each around residents and tourist who had visited to Jogja mention that this will be the most memorable buildings of Yogyakarta. Then has become common for many people who come here just to take a beautiful pictures.

Tugu Jogja

2. Malioboro  
If you come to Yogyakarta, surely the most often occurred is visit to Malioboro. Malioboro is the name of a street in Yogyakarta is now used as the center of Jogja Economics. Malioboro itself many make as a primary goal in traveling to Yogyakarta.

Malioboro is also the best place in Indonesia for people who like walking around to walk, because of access to be able to go into Malioboro quite difficult when using a vehicle or by car, because the place is quite crowded by tourists and locals.

Along Malioboro street there are a wide variety shop that sells various items, ranging from culinary, trinkets, T-shirts with the theme of Yogyakarta and many more interesting things in this place. The place is also been a place for creative street musician who enliven area. In the last street from zero point km Mailoboro is suitable to be used as a place to relax.

The Road Of Malioboro Jogja

3. Keraton Jogja
If you want to find where Kraton Jogjakarta, if strong enough walk runs from malioboro toward zero point km to the south again, then it is almost certain to find a square of Jogjakarta fairly broad, that is where Kraton Jogjakarta located. In the Palace itself is famous for authenticity of the culture and architecture of building that is still awake. If you want to feel how the condition Jogjakarta in ancient times or when the colonial period, try visit to this palace it will be found a different sensation from outside world.

Which can be visited from the palace is a museum. This is where the culture and ambience ancient times still feels and maintained.   

Keraton Jogja

4. Vredeburg Fort
Vredeburg the tourist destination in Yogyakarta which is not too far from Malioboro and the Kraton of Yogyakarta. Of this tourist spot also include those still awake authenticity since it was first built. With buildings typical colors are white, making this castle are silent witness to the Indonesian struggle against colonialism.

Fort Of Vredeburg Jogja

Same with Kraton Yogyakarta, also include a museum that shows relics antiques colonial era. As we know that Yogyakarta does not escape from the colonial struggle fighters.

5. Kampung Wijilan
The village is a representative of Yogyakarta as culinary destination. If you want to taste any foods available here then you have to spend their many time, because amount of stall considerable. But from a wide variety culinary most famous are Gudeg Yogyakarta.
Since this place is a center of culinary Yogyakarta, it is did not only Gudeg which can be found in Kampung Wijilan, but there are many more culinary found there.

Fort Of Vredeburg Jogjac

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